ACRS MA Graduates

ACRS Class of 2021

July 2, 2021

Muhammad Ahmed
Two-year Masters, Philosophy
A Rational Theist Perspective on the Christian Conception of God: An Argument from Logic and Simplicity

Aleksandar Anđelović
Two-year Masters, Medieval Studies
Between the Literal and the Literary: Social Background, Linguistic Competence, and the Bible in the Late-Antique Latin Translations of the Vita Antonii

ACRS Class of 2020

July 2, 2021

Eszter Jakab
Two-year Masters, Cultural Heritage Studies
Remembering Enlightenment: Bodh Gaya in the Cultural Memory of Thailand

Arnold Kovács
Two-year Masters, Gender Studies
Diaspora, Islam and Belonging: Conceptualizing Queer Muslim Subjectivities in Berlin

Armin Stefanović
One-year Masters, History
Theosophy and the New Age in Yugoslavia and its Successor States

ACRS Class of 2019

July 26, 2019

CEU Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies

Graduating Class 

24 June 2019

Arin Agich, 2YMA, Nationalism Studies Program

Abdulrahman Bajodah, 2YMA, Department of Philosophy

Yigit Bayman, 2YMA, Department of History

Hafiz Muhammad Bilal, 1YMA, Department of History

Andy Chen, 1YMA, Department of Medieval Studies

János Galamb, 1YMA, Department of History

ACRS Class of 2018

July 5, 2018

CEU Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies

Graduating Class 

22 June 2018

Juan Manuel Rubio Arévalo, 1YMA, Department of Medieval Studies

Mustafa Aslan, 1YMA, Department of History

Marieta Bazinyan, 2YMA, Department of History (defending September 2018)

Ahmet Cem Durak, 1YMA, Department of Medieval Studies (defending September 2018)          

Tamás Juhász, 2YMA, Department of Medieval Studies

Serenay Kaykaç, 1YMA, Nationalism Studies Program

ACRS Class of 2017

August 25, 2017

CEU Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies

Graduating Class 

23 June 2017

Varvara Drozdova, 2YMA, Department of History

Zeinab Bishtawi, 1YMA,  Department of History

James Gresock, 2YMA, Department of History

Vinod Kumar, 1YMA, Department of History           

Iuliana Boyarintseva, 2YMA, Department of Medieval Studies

David Eichert, 2YMA, Department of Medieval Studies