CRS / Szeged PhD Conference, 13 - 15 June 2019

Post-graduates and early career scholars are cordially invited to submit proposals for the Doctoral Conference in Religious Studies co-organized by the Center for Religious Studies at the Central European University and the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Szeged.

Sacred Locations
Spaces and Bodies in Religion

June 13-15, 2019 // Szeged, Hungary

Spaces and bodies carry religious meanings. In history as well as in contemporary society, territories are organized through religious markers, creating hierarchies of sanctity or oppositions between spaces that are appropriated or unappropriated through religious symbolism. Borders between groups have been understood as religious in nature and expressed in normative terms, such as the sacred and the profane. Not only countries, states, cities, neighborhoods, national and ethnic groups, but even our own bodies are canvasses on which religious meanings can be painted through items of clothing or ritual. Conversely, spatial and corporeal representation underpins patterns of religious belonging and imagination. Such orders of space have been subject to constant negotiation and redefinition, both by those involved in religion-based distinctions and differentiations in their everyday lives and by the scholars analyzing the spatial aspects of religion. What is the consequence of giving a religious meaning to a physical space or a physical representation to a religious idea? Can religion only serve the purpose of separation and distinction, or is it equally employed for the blurring, mixing, or negation of differences between groups or between individuals and their environment? What justifications have been used in order to legitimize the existence of religiously framed differentiations and border-making? The conference invites contributions on the conceptualization, interpretation, management or instrumentalization of religion with regard to space, geographical or personal.

We welcome applications from PhD students, as well as advanced Master’s students from all fields of humanities and social sciences including but not restricted to:



Political sciences







The Center will receive applications focusing on all aspects of the interaction between religions, states, and societies, in all regions and historical periods. Abstracts, no longer than 300 words, should be sent to by March 1, 2019. Applicants will receive the final decision no later than March 14.

Accepted participants will have the possibility to choose to register their participation through:

Basic Registration Fee: EUR 40

Advanced Registration Fee: EUR 100, which also includes a three-day public transportation pass and a three-night accommodation in the dormitories

For further information, please address Zsuzsanna Szugyiczki or Barnabás Szabó at

Organized by
The Department for the Study of Religion
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Szeged

The Center for Religious Studies
Central European University