Why Join CRS? Alumni Perspectives

ACRS Alumna Valentina Cantori

"I developed a strong interest in the study of the the socio-political dimension of religion while wandering through the Middle East in the years following my graduation from the University of Milan. My main areas of research cover political mobilization along religious lines, religious violence, and religious nationalism."


ACRS Alumnus Vinod Kumar

"My interest springs from my personal quest for some answers in religion (notwithstanding that I have also found some meaning in life having turned to my own religious roots). I am a gay man and the religious, whether I want it or not, comes to play an important role in my life. By turning to religious studies, I guess I am trying to have my own interpretation of the religious and not what the people have made it out to be today."


ACRS Alumna Roxana Aras

Thank you very much for running and developing the Religious Studies Specialization. To be honest, I would have not attended CEU, if it had not been for this opportunity to study what I am most interested in: religions. I also thank you for your contribution to my future in the academia and for teaching me how to think critically and always with "a pinch of doubt". 

ACRS Alumna Darja Filippova

I am grateful for the Religious Studies Specialization for creating a curriculum that has enabled to transform my “intuitions into knowledge” about religion, and supplemented this metamorphosis with many bottles of wine, cookies and strawberries throughout the year.



AY 2014/2015

ACRS Alumna Ievgeniia Sakal

I have been interested in religious history since my first years of studies at Kyiv-Mohyla academy in Kiev. After graduation, I wanted to continue my studies at Central European University and the Specialization Religious Studies at CEU was the logical continuation of my previous pursuits.

When I entered the program, I did not know much about it, but it happened to be one of the best choices I’ve ever made.