ERASMUS+ Opportunities in Religious Studies for CEU Students

The "Erasmus Plus" Programme is an exchange programme for students and academic staff that the European Union has established in 2014. A more comprehensive successor to the Erasmus Programme that has been in existence since 1987, its purpose is to provide exchange opportunities within the European Union on the basis of bilateral cooperation agreements among the best universities and seats of learning on the continent. 

If you are interested in studying for one semester in the Religious Studies programme of a European partner university (such as Ruhr-Universität Bochum and University of Oslo and Université libre de Bruxelles), please consult with your supervisor and contact CEU's Erasmus Coordinator, Anna Szathmári (
More about CEU and Erasmus+ can be found here.

Opportunites for exchange students to CEU

The CEU Center for Religious Studies offers a number of placements for visiting students and interns. Please contact the Erasmus coordinator of your home university for details on how you can apply for an exchange with CEU. You are invited to write a letter of inquiry to the CRS coordinator ( in order to determine placement availabity.

More about Erasmus+ Internships at CEU can be found here.

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