ACRS MA Courses, Winter 2019

Advanced Certificate in Religious Studies

AY 2018/19

MA Courses, Winter Term



  • Foundations II: Gender and Religion (MA, 2 credits, Nadia Al-Bagdadi) 


  • Heresies, Hetrodoxies and Deviancy: The History of Failed & Lost Christianities in Antiquity  (MA, 4 credits, Volker Menze)
  • The Bible for Medievalists (MA, 2 credits, Gyorgy Gereby)
  • The Divine Attributes (MA, 2 credits, Michael Griffin)
  • Religion and Party Politics in the West  (MA, 2 credits, Zsolt Enyedi)
  • Religion and Society in Turkey (MA, 2 credits, Brett Wilson)
  • Judaism and Christianity  (MA, 2 credits, Carsten Wilke)

For the complete list of classes and applicable language courses, please see the attachment provided below.