Teodora Monica Fulga - CRS Erasmus+ Trainee, 25 March - 25 May 2019

Teodora Monica Fulga

CRS Erasmus+ Trainee, 25 March - 25 May 2019

"After I graduated in Orthodox Theology, I got a bachelor and master's degree in public administration from Bucharest University of Economic Studies. I have always liked the interdisciplinare approach and that is why my PhD thesis focuses on the Governanace of Education System between State Policies and Church Requirements.

The Erasmus + traineeship with the Center for Religious Studies was the second research-based traineeship I had, after the one I did in Bulgaria last summer where I focused on my thesis and management and public policy issues. At the Center for Religious Studies, I had a chance to consider more the aspects of my thesis dealing with church, religion and sociology.

At the Center for Religious Studies, I have improved the way I research interdisciplinary areas, how to keep an objective perspective on religion and its effects and implications in society. Also, this internship was excellent for my soft skills from the perspective of interacting in an international environment, which was an amazing experience, but also my administrative abilities, being involved in organizing a doctoral conference.

As I was encouraged by alumni of this Center, I would like to suggest to every young researcher in the field of religious studies to do at least a research „pit stop” at this University. This will be a life changing experience, they will find an academic family and, of course, the resources and knowledge of the professionals will be a big asset."