Stefano Xoccato - CRS Erasmus+ Trainee, January - June 2017

Stefano Xoccato

CEU Erasmus+ Trainee, January - June 2017

"I studied sociology and social research at the University of Trento. My master’s thesis was on Baptism practices in Vicenza Province, Italy. I interviewed priests and parents trying to figure out why the rite of baptism is still so popular these days.

While attaining my master’s degree, I was an intern at Osservatorio socio-religioso Triveneto (OSReT), a research center based in Vicenza (Italy) that conducts social and religious research. In my role at the center, I worked mainly on a national survey aimed to collect data about the teaching of Catholicism in Italy.

I decided to pursue a traineeship at the CEU Center for Religious Studies because I was attracted by the way it collaborates with many departments, providing an interdisciplinary perspective that crosses the borders of disciplines. I believe the Center fits perfectly my personal conception of how sociology should interact with other disciplines in order to reach better comprehension of social life."