SFM Phase I Bi-Weekly Research Seminars

The Phase I of the project Striking from the Margins held 22 bi-weekly research seminars during its 2-year run from 2017, inviting distinguished scholars with varied backgrounds stimulating debate on the marginalization of religion, state and disintegration in the Middle East and beyond, thus providing a multidisciplinary approach.

SFM’s bi-weekly research seminars held in its Budapest seat, presented its research results and suggested analytical and comparative perspectives. The seminars were addressed by both CEU and external experts.

For further details please click on each seminar's title, which takes you to the recordings and descriptions of each lecture. Or if you are interested in finding the videos in one place, please visit the seminar's video library

Bi-Weekly Research Seminars (BWRS): CEU, Budapest

Sidney Jones
George Soros Visiting Practitioner Chair

Southeast Asians and the Syrian Conflict

9 February 2017

Prof. Happymon Jacob
CEU Senior Global Challenges Fellow

Evolution, conflict patterns and management practices of the India-Pakistan border

23 February 2017

Prof. Don Kalb
CEU Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

State Collapse, Transformation, Fragmentation and 'Resource Bases' in Anthropology

23 March 2017

Dr. Harith Al-Qarawee
Striking from the Margins

Religious Authorities and Militant Islamism in Iraq

6 April 2017

Dr. Harout Akdedian
Striking from the Margins

The Rise of Radicalized Groups and the New Social Order in Syria

20 April 2017

Prof. Isam Al-Khafaji

Reconfiguring the State, Restructuring Communities

11 May 2017

Dr. Seteney Shami
Director of the Arab Council for the Social Sciences

The Social Sciences in the Arab Region,: gaps, elisions and glosses

15 June 2017

Prof. Said Arjomand
Institute for Global Studies Stony Brook, New York, USA

Weberian Methodology and Political Sociology

4 September 2017

Dr. Shamel Azmeh
Visiting Fellow Dpt. Intern. Development LSE

Syria's Passage to Uprising and Conflict

21 September 2017

Dr. Bassam Haddad
Associate Professor, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University

The Rise, Transformation, and Prospects of “the”/“a” Syrian Uprising

5 October 2017

Dr. Laura Ruiz De Elvira
Post-Doc in Political Sociology, IREMAM Marseille

Bashar Al-Asad's Political Engineering and the Rupture of the Social Contract (2000-2010)

19 October 2017

Dr. Renad Mansour

Iraq in Transition, Again: The Dilemmas of State-Building

18 January 2018

Prof. Ayse Çaglar

Migrants and Disempowered Cities

8 February 2018

Dr. Osman Bahadir Dincer

The Emergence of ‘Graded Citizenship’ in Syria

15 February 2018

Dr. Seda Altug

The minority question in Syria under the French mandate

22 February 2018

Dr. Gudrun Harrer

Restart or new divisions: Parliamentary Elections in Iraq

22 March 2018

Dr. Daniel Mekonnen

Comparing the Scrutiny of Syria and Yemen by the UN Human Rights Council

12 April 2018

Dr. Ute Falasch

Contesting Colonial Power from the Margins: Sufis in 18th Century Bengal

19 April 2018

Dr. Toby Matthiesen

Saudi-Arabia and Shiism

24 April 2018

Prof. Gilbert Achcar

Considerations on State and Revolution in the MENA Region

17 May 2018

Dr. Akeel Abbas

Iraqi Shiasm post-2003

31 May 2018

Dr. Balazs Kovacs
(forumZFD Philippines)

Peace-building under Aquino: contesting the neo-patrimonial state in the Philippines from without and from within

20 September 2018