The Christian Turks Workshop Video Lecture Series

The "Christian Turks": Encounters in the Ottoman-Hungarian Contact Zone

A workshop within the project ‘Encounters with the Orient in Early Modern European Scholarship’ supported by the Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) and hosted by the CEU Center For Religious Studies (CRS). 

Convenor: Gerard Wiegers

Organizers: Gerard Wiegers, Martin Mulsow, Tijana Krstić

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23 May, 2014 - The Christian Turks Workshop: Morning Session 

- Gábor Almási (Innsbruck)
The question of Ottoman orientation in the propaganda and politics in the age of Gabriel Bethlen

- Mihály Balázs (Szeged) [in Hungarian]
Turcopapismus, Calvino-turcismus, Serveto-turcismus, Turcismusphilosophorum

23 May, 2014 - The Christian Turks Workshop: Afternoon Session

-  József Simon (Szeged)
The Arabic Philosophical Tradition and Transylvania’s Radical Religious Thinkers at the End of the 16th Century

- Gizella Keserű (Szeged)
The use of Turkish in Transylvanian Unitarian literacy at the turn of the 16-17th century

- Robyn Radway (Princeton)
Articulating a Frontier in the Ottoman and Habsburg Borderlands: Crossing between Komárom and Esztergom, 1550 to 1591

24 May, 2014 - The Christian Turks Workshop: Morning Session

- Tobias Graf  (Heidelberg)
God Recognizes Every Man’s Heart”: Conversion to Islam between Confessionalization and Religious Indifference in the Late Sixteenth Century

- Gábor Kármán (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Islamic Sources of Religious Tolerance in Transylvania? Some Critical Comments

- Pál Ács (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Alvise Gritti and Tamás Nádasdy – The History Of a Burnt-Out Friendshi

- Márton Zászkaliczky (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
The Turk as Magistrate in Hungarian Protestant Political Theology