The CRS now has two projects with the CEU Press. The primary one is to publish a book series entitled Comparative Studies in Religion, History, and Society. So far, three volumes have emerged. Each book in this series is the result of a conference organized and hosted by the CRS. The other project is publication of a book on the Abrahamic Religions.

The first three volumes in the Comparative Studies in Religion, History and Society series are:

The Apocalyptic Complex: Perspectives, Histories, Persistence. Editors Nadia Al-Bagdadi, David Marno & Matthias Riedl. Budapest - New York: CEU Press, 2018.

Sacred Texts and Print Culture: The Case of Qur’an and Bible of the Orthodox Churches During the 18th and 19th CenturyMonograph edited by Nadia Al-Bagdadi & Mushirul Hasan. Budapest - New York: CEU Press, forthcoming. 

Transforming a Church: Eastern Christianities in Post-Imperial Societies. Editors Nadia Al-Bagdadi, Anca Sincan & Ionut Biliuta. Budapest - New York: CEU Press, forthcoming. 


Standing apart from the series, the following volume is in preparation:

Comparative Approaches to Abrahamic Religions – collected essays. Editor Nadia Al-Bagdadi. Budapest - New York: CEU Press, E-publication, forthcoming. 

Approaching Religion: The Budapest Occasional Papers (internal, CRS)