Why Join CRS? Alumni Perspectives

ACRS Alumna Katalin Pataki

I received an e-mail at the beginning of my studies at CEU that drew my attention on the Religious Studies Program. I already had experience in working on various types of archival sources produced by and/or about religious orders in late eighteenth-century Hungary and I wanted to improve my professional literacy in order to develop a suitable theoretical background for their interpretation. The Specialization in Religious Studies at CEU offered me an appropriate framework to realize my plans.

ACRS Alumnus Yuriy Kosulap

When I applied to the Department of History at CEU I was looking for a program connected with a study of religion and the SRS, with its interdisciplinary approaches, seemed to fit my interests perfectly. From the very outset I felt really lucky to participate in the program because I got a chance to chose from a variety of courses offered by the SRS and to obtain a certificate in addition to my CEU Master’s diploma.

ACRS Alumnus Roy Kimmey

ACRS Alumnus Nikoloz Aleksidze

I found out about the SRS when I arrived in Budapest and we could choose specializations. I did not deliberate too much over what specialization to choose as I was always interested in theology and religious studies, especially in the interaction of religion and political thought.