“The Christian Turks” Religious and Cultural Encounters in the Ottoman-Habsburg Contact Zone

CEU Community + Invited Guests
Nador u. 9, Monument Building
Gellner Room
Friday, May 23, 2014 - 9:30am
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Friday, May 23, 2014 - 9:30am to Saturday, May 24, 2014 - 5:00pm

“The Christian Turks” Religious and Cultural Encounters in the Ottoman-Habsburg Contact Zone.

A workshop within the project ‘Encounters with the Orient in Early Modern European Scholarship’, supported by the Humanities in the European Research Area HERA, 23 and 24 May 2014. Central European University, Budapest.

Tijana Krstić, Central European University, Gerard Wiegers, University of Amsterdam, and Martin Mulsow (University of Erfurt)

23 May 2014

Morning Session

10.15-11.00: Noel Malcolm (Oxford), Adam Neuser among the Renegades

11.00-11.45: Gábor Almási (Innsbruck), The question of Ottoman orientation in the propaganda and politics in the age of Gabriel Bethlen

11.45-12.30: Mihaly Bálacs (Szeged), Turcopapismus, Calvino-turcismus, Serveto-turcismus, Turcismus philosophorum

12.30-14.00: lunch (by invitation only)

Afternoon session

14.00-14.45: Nora Berend (Cambridge), George of Hungary and Islam

14.45-15.30: József Simon (Szeged), Erfahrung des Orienten und westliche Denkschemen. Zur Problem "intellectual history" religiöser Radikalen im Kontext der Wahrnehmung des Islams in Ungarn im 16. Jahrhundert.

15.30-16.00: Tea/coffee break

16.00-16.45: Gizella Keserű (Szeged), The use of Turkish in Transylvanian Unitarian literacy at the turn of the 16-17th century

16.45-17.30: John-Paul Ghobrial (Oxford), Christian Polemics in Arabic, Karshuni, and Syriac

Conference dinner (by invitation only)

24 May 2014

Morning session

9.00-9.45: Tobias Graf (Heidelberg), “God Recognizes Every Man’s Heart”: Conversion to Islam between Confessionalization and Religious Indifference in the Late Sixteenth Century

9.45-10.30: Gábor Kármán (Budapest), Islamic Sources of Religious Tolerance in Transylvania? Some Critical Comments

10.30-11.00: Coffee break

11.00-11.45: Pál Ács (Budapest), Alvise Gritti and Ibrahim Pasha in Hungarian contexts

11.45.12-30: Márton Zászkaliczky (Budapest), The Turk as (the divinely ordained) magistrate in the Protestant political theology of the Hungarian Reformation

12.30-14.00: Lunch (by invitation only)

14.00-14.45: Tijana Krstić (Budapest), A Muslim Unitarian Transylvanian? Exploring the Polemical Outlook and Religious Sensibility of Murad b. Abdullah (fl. 1550s-80s)

14.45-15.30: Martin Rothkegel (Elstal), Levantine backgrounds of Jacobus Palaeologus's Unitarian Theology


For more information got to: http://proyectos.cchs.csic.es/corpi/en/content/%E2%80%9C-christian-turks%E2%80%9D-religious-and-cultural-encounters-ottoman-habsburg-contact-zone