Dong Zhao - CRS Visiting Research Fellow, July 2017

Professor Dong Zhao
Associate Professor
School of English and International Studies
Beijing Foreign Studies University
Zhao Dong, PhD, Associate Professor of the School of English and International Studies of Beijing Foreign Studies University, China, has research interests in Buddhism and Christianity from cultural and literary perspectives and Chinese religions through textual and anthropological approaches. He was Visiting Scholar of Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions (2015-2016) and Yale Divinity School (2003-2004). He teaches in English courses such as Buddhism in Chinese Culture, Guided Readings in Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist Classics, Bible as Literature, etc. He is the author of the book The Bible and the Faerie Queen (2008), and has published 13 peer reviewed papers in English in international academic journals.
His current research is on the effects of religious policies on European and American experiences and anti-religious extremism.